Calculate Your Budget

Creating a household budget is an invaluable tool to help you prioritise your spending and manage your money – no matter how much or how little you have.

We have created a budget calculator tool which contains most common incomings and outgoings for a typical New Zealand individual or family.

What will the budget calculator do for me?
The budget calculator is a snapshot of your financial situation. Initially it will enable you to see how your income measures up against your expenses. Think of it as a financial fitness test to see how things look.

What will the budget tell me?
It will give you an indication of how you are managing on an average week. You can use this information to identify whether there are areas of overspending, or how to boost your own income.

What do I do with it once completed?
Once completed, the budget will either result in a surplus or deficit. If your result is a deficit, then you may want to seek help from one of our Financial Coaches.

Deficit = You’re spending more than you earn

What can we do with a surplus?
If your budget results in a surplus, great! You can reallocate this to pay debts faster, or you could start saving.

Surplus = You’re spending less than you earn

Gaining control

Being able to identify all your income, expenses and goals is an essential step in gaining control of your life and your finances. Complete this budget worksheet to take the first step and you’re well on your way to becoming financially fit!

  • Rework your budget in detail
  • Help identify areas of overspending
  • Explore ways to increase your income
  • Deal with creditors on your behalf
  • Suggest other possible sources of income
  • Refer you to other services which may help with your situation

Our Financial Capability Servics is free and confidential. We won’t force you to take any action you don’t want to and we’ll respect the choices you make.

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Budget Calculator

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