2500 families every
year do

Every year 2500 families and individuals make changes,
seek support and aim to improve their well-being and
relationships at Napier Family Centre.
Help us or get help here.

no one should
feel hopeless

Napier Family Centre is a not for profit, community organisation.
Here you can get help or help us bring hope to people and whānau
in our community.

hope changes

As a community we must work harder to achieve an
adequate standard for family life accessible by all.

Napier Family Centre

Since inception in the early eighties Napier Family Centre has grown its services to meet identified needs of the community and is now one of the largest Non-governmental providers for social services in Napier.

Our mission is to provide services that help children and families along life’s journey and our values of integrity, teamwork, innovation and compassion guide our actions and decisions.

Bright Futures

As a parent you will put great consideration into choosing the right childcare and early education for your baby or child. We know that good experiences in early learning help our children build a strong foundation for becoming life long confident learners.

Bright Futures homebased childcare and learning for 0-5yrs old offers the advantages of a small group setting with the benefits of regular wider group interaction through excellent playgroup facilities.

Sunny Days

At Sunny Days children have the opportunity to socialise, learn and have fun, in a relaxed, friendly environment. Children learn through play and have free access to a wide variety of learning experiences.

Children are guided through interesting topics, engaging them in a wide range of activities such as dramatic play, construction, painting and drawing. Children feel actively involved in their own learning, which can be highly motivating.

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