Our Counsellors

We provide experienced and qualified professionals who are all members of their appropriate professional body.

Jason Follett


Bachelor of Counselling 
Registered Member of NZAC

Jason’s experience largely centres around working with families and their needs. His approach is to journey with clients as they explore their own solutions. He works kanohi ki te kanohi (face to face) with adults, youth, and children five and up; he also facilitates family sessions, couples, group therapy sessions, and play-based therapy.

“I’m honoured every time I get to work with a new person. To hear a person’s story, their struggles, and their hopes, is such a privilege.”

Sharon Jenkinson


BASS (Counselling)
Registered Member of NZAC

Sharon brings a holistic approach to her counselling practice and has a rich background in kaupapa Māori services. Sharon has a client-centred philosophy, where she tailors her methods to what works best for each individual. Sharon is adaptable and flexible, walking alongside people on their unique journeys. Her expertise spans a range of areas, including strategies for managing stress, anxiety, grief, and addictions. She has experience supporting people with trauma including intergenerational trauma.

Sharon aspires to support people to reach their full potential. “I walk alongside the person, helping them uncover the solutions and answers that often lie within themselves.”

He aha te mea nui o te ao? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata. What is the most important thing in the world? It is people, it is people, it is people.

David Blackborow


Bachelor of Applied Counselling (BAC)
Registered Member of NZAC

David’s training and practice are based on person-centred and pluralistic frameworks. Working holistically with clients, using a ‘menu’ of modalities to find an approach that resonates with his clients.

“I believe counselling can assist an individual to live life to their full potential by a process of working through the unhelpful or unwelcome barriers that may get in the way”.

Patricia Schimanski Clark


BASS (Psychotherapy)  Dip. Integrative Psychology (Hakomi)
Member Registered with NZAC

Patricia offers Hakomi as a way of looking at the world that is compassionate, mindful, curious, non-invasive, humorous and respectful.

Patricia’s experience as a counsellor includes working alongside children and adults with various issues.  Clients that are struggling through grief and change, depression, challenging relationships, abuse and other problems that can be overwhelming for a young or adult person and their family connect well with her.

“Sometimes we need someone who isn’t involved in our lives to listen and help us understand some pretty tough experiences.  I think it’s important to feel comfortable and safe with a counsellor.  I work within an organisation that values professionalism and honours the unique position of every client.”

Sara Eaton


BASS Counseling and Pyschotherapy
Registered Member of NZAC

Sara is a psychotherapy trained counsellor who works with adults and older clients.  She has a strong holistic and wellbeing focus enabling clients to create life balance through self-care and building resilience.   Sara can help you to navigate grief, anxiety, stress, and depression and develop coping skills and strategies to manage these challenges.  She works from a person centered and existential perspective enabling clients to explore choices to facilitate positive life changes.  Sara brings acceptance, calm and humour to her work with clients.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space, in that space is our power to choose our response, in our response lies our growth and our freedom” (Frankl)

Joseph Stone

Registered Psychologist NZPsS


Joe is a Clinical Psychologist with over 20 years of experience in therapeutic assessment and counselling with children and families. His expertise includes developmental and functional assessment and treatment of trauma in children and families. Joe works with people who have a family member dealing with addictions and adults in post addiction maintenance of wellbeing.

“Holistic and strengths-based approaches have been the focus of my clinical practice.”

Liz Ross-Smith

Counsellor, PNAP Facilitator

BASS (Counselling)
Provisional Member Registered with NZAC

Liz works alongside clients within a holistic framework, providing an environment which allows for growth, resilience and autonomy.

A mother of three and grandmother of three, she has facilitated the Post Natal Adjustment Programme and various parenting programmes for several years.

“Change is an inevitable aspect of the road we walk as human beings.  At times we need support in order for us to be heard while we speak our truth, find clarity and see a way forward”

Mandy Pentecost


MCouns. MA DipTch.
Member Registered with NZAC

Mandy works with groups, individuals and in organisations with issues such as stress and conflict management, communication, assertiveness, self-esteem, harassment and bullying.

“I enjoy working with families, adults and young people who want to make changes and improve their well being. I offer a calm place to talk openly.”

Mandy is a narrative therapist which means she can help you separate a problem when you get stuck. She is an experienced and well qualified counsellor.

We have additional external providers for ACC funded counselling for survivors of sexual violence. For more information please click here

“Our mission is to provide services that help families along life’s journey. Our values of integrity, teamwork, innovation and compassion guide our actions and decisions.”