Since our inception in 1983, Napier Family Centre has grown its services to meet the needs of Hawke’s Bay’s communities and is now a comprehensive provider for social services in Napier.

Napier Family Centre was established as a result of research commissioned by an inter-church group. The findings of this research were that many families were under severe stress and were not coping with the social pressures of the day.

Families were bringing up children without physical or emotional support, in homes that lacked amenities most people took for granted. The research discovered sole parents who could not take their children to kindergarten or play centre because of their low self-worth. They did not feel worthy or able to converse with people who attended those places and felt they had absolutely nothing in common.

The services of budgeting, home-based family support and a playgroup with transport were quickly developed and talking to some of those families today, they say that without that acceptance and support, they doubt they could have seen their children grow up into the good citizens they are today. Napier Family Centre became their lifeline, their family, their model.

Today we reach around 2500 of Napier’s families annually, at all different stages of family life. Our programmes are designed by qualified and experienced professionals and we constantly evaluate these services to ensure they meet the needs of the community.

Napier Family Centre is one of Hawke’s Bay‘s network of social services providers that work together to help families through hardship. Without a collaborative approach many people slip through cracks and we are delighted to work closely for referring and on various projects with: schools, GPs, midwives, government agencies, churches and other not-for-profit organisations such as Foodbank, Christian Lovelink, DOVE HB, Birthright HB, Family Works, Citizens Advice, Te Rangihaeata Oranga (Problem Gambling) and kaupapa Māori services providers such as Roopu A Iwi, Ikaroa Rangatahi Social Services, Te Kupenga Hauora, Te Taiwhenua O Heretaunga.

In 2013 we signed a memorandum of commitment to explore collaborative service development with Te Kohinga Waka that currently comprises; Roopu A Iwi, Ikaroa Rangatahi Social Services, Dove HB, Napier Family Centre, Te Rangihaeata Oranga and Ka Hao Te Rangathi Ki Te Matau A Maui.

In 2013 and 2014 we were involved with Heads-Up the Drama Workshop’s programme with young people to promote the message of anti-bullying through theatre arts and in 2015 we sponsored the introduction of budget advisor on campus with EIT Student Association.

Napier Family Centre was born from a collaborative mind-set being the product of inner-city church parishes collectively looking for solutions and services to help families in need and our governance continues to reflect strong collaborative practices.

A steadfast vision and the dedicated work of core staff and volunteers means Napier Family Centre continues to grow steadily, adapting to evaluate it’s services to the community and continuing the focus on people’s well being. We support families with quality care, professionalism, confidentiality, without judgement and with respect.

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