Post Natal Adjustment Programme

Find Your Joy

Are you experiencing post natal depression?

Feeling down, anxious, overwhelmed, tearful, angry, or guilt are just some of the signs you could be experiencing postnatal depression.

It’s not your fault and help is available.

Our experienced, qualified facilitators run a small group programme called the Post-Natal Adjustment Programme, twice a year. We can also support māmā and families with one on one counselling. If you need help, please get in touch or complete our online counselling enquiry form.

Post Natal Depression is not your fault.

70 – 80% of women will recover sooner with support. Early access to professional support will increase the chances of full recovery.

Our Post Natal Adjustment Programme

• Free to attend (Limited spaces)

• 6 to 8 week programme (1 session per week)

• Learn coping strategies and gain support

• Childcare is provided

• Facilitated by qualified and experienced therapists

• Small groups


Next Course:

Napier: Starts Friday 16 February, 2024. Check out up-to-date course dates here


For more information ask your GP, Plunket Nurse, Midwife or register now via our PNAP referral form.

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