CHB Toy Library finds new home with NFC and Bright Futures

CHB Toy Library finds new home with NFC and Bright Futures

We are thrilled to announce that the CHB Toy Library has found a new home with Napier Family Centre (NFC) and Bright Futures in Waipukurau. This collaboration is part of our ongoing mahi to support and strengthen whānau and tamariki in the Central Hawke’s Bay community. 

The CHB Toy Library has been a beloved resource for local families for years, offering a wide range of toys and educational resources for children of all ages. Toy Libraries are an awesome way to connect with community and they are also a sustainable way to keep tamariki entertained. Toy Libraries provide whānau with new toys every week or two, saving parents money and keeping children from getting bored. 

NFC CEO Kerry Henderson said the Toy Library will be back up and running as soon as there are enough volunteers on board to reopen the doors to the community.   

“Running a volunteer organisation has a special set of challenges, but with a new physical home and the support of the NFC and Bright Futures teams, we’re looking forward to reopening the doors very soon,” she said. 

“We are currently seeking volunteers who are passionate about supporting children and whānau to join us. It really is the volunteers who are the heart of the Toy Library.” 

Kerry said the Toy Library perfectly complements NFC’s existing services in Central Hawke’s Bay, which include social work support, counselling, in-home childcare, playgroups, and whānau and tamariki programmes. 

“NFC and Bright Futures share the kaupapa to empower whānau, children and individuals to thrive. By welcoming the CHB Toy Library into our family, we are further aligning ourselves with this purpose and expanding our services within the CHB community.”  

With the generous support of Lottery Grants Board, ECCT and Royston Health Trust, we are working towards a more fit-for-purpose NFC premises on Northumberland Street. This new location will not only allow us to enhance our current services but also facilitate other service providers to work from our premises, creating a centralised hub for community support. The Toy Library is just the beginning – we’ll continue to grow and expand our services to better serve the needs of the Central Hawke’s Bay community. 

Stay tuned for updates as we work towards reopening the Toy Library in April. If you’re interested in volunteering or would like to learn more about how you can get involved, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Play is the way! 

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