Family Education Courses

Family Education Courses

As always, a fresh round of Parenting Education Programmes are busily being delivered. Heather Osborne continues to hold the fort as Parenting Education Co-ordinator, and we have a talented pool of facilitators each doing an incredible job. We already have a number of programmes underway, and had a large waitlist for this next round due to COVID-19 disruptions to our 2020 and 2021 delivery schedule.

The Incredible Years®
Delivering The Incredible Years® programmes is a key portion of work within our Parenting Education Service, with The Incredible Years® Parent Programme and The Incredible Years® Autism and Language Delay Programme both up and running. Running for a total of 14 weeks spread across two school terms, both The Incredible Years® programmes focus on building healthy strong attachments with children, and on growing positive parent child relationships. Both are practical centred programmes, with positive behaviour management strategies delivered to our participants. Delivered on Wednesday evenings by Jill McGill and Liz Ross Smith, The Incredible Years® Parent Programme is targeted towards parents of children aged 3-8, and commenced in July running through to mid-November (COVID dependant). Facilitated by Jenny Bennett and Catherine Wathey on Monday mornings, The Incredible Years® Autism and Language Delay Programme commenced in June and will run until October (COVID dependent). Due to this programme being specifically designed for families of children on the Autism Disorder Spectrum, or with language delay it is more flexible in age criteria, and supporting families with language development is a key area of focus for our attending families.

Parenting Teens
Also being delivered currently, we have Lindsey Macintosh and Jill McGill facilitating our Parenting Teens Programme on Monday evenings. Currently on offer once a year, this 5-week course commenced in August with 15 participants. Parenting Teens supports parents of teens aged 13-19 in navigating this particularly challenging stage.

Women’s Wellbeing
Heather Osborne and Lindsey Macintosh have been facilitating our 5-week Women’s Wellbeing Programme on Monday Mornings down at Sunny Days Whānau Room. Sunny Days is an Early Childhood Education and Care Centre, a service of Napier Family Centre. Focused on supporting women to grow their confidence and self-esteem Women’s Wellbeing commenced in August with 9 ladies in attendance.

Just 4 Kids
We also have our Just 4 Kids Programme underway. This 6 week programme started in August with 9 young people, and focuses on building children’s confidence and self-esteem, and on developing coping strategies for managing complex feelings. Just 4 Kids is for 7 – 10 year old boys and girls. The course is activity based and helps children explore issues such as strong feelings, building confidence and social skills through interaction, team building and fun.

Coffee Group
Lastly, we also have our Wednesday morning coffee group facilitated by Lindsey Macintosh. With a regular group of up to 7 ladies, Coffee Group is held at our Sunny Days Whānau room from 9:30-11:30, and is of great enjoyment to all those involved.

Thank you to Lindsey for writing this wonderful parenting education course update!

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Family education courses for Term 4 2021

Positive Parenting – night course
Parenting strategies for raising children. The course covers topics including communication, child development, discipline and age appropriate behaviours. There is time for discussion and the sharing of challenges and successes faced by Mums and Dads. This course is run once a week over 6 weeks both day and evening programmes offered.

Emerge – day course
For 10 – 12 year old boys and girls. This course is activity based and helps the children develop social skills and confidence. They explore issues such as how to deal with bullying, healthy living, working together.

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